List of 28 Delegations

10 Member States *
(modified Brussels Treaty 1954)

(also members of the EU and NATO)

Belgium Luxembourg
France Netherlands
Germany Portugal (1990)
Greece (1995) Spain (1990)
Italy United Kingdom

6 Associate Members *
(Rome 1992)

(also members of NATO)

Czech Republic (1999) Norway
Hungary (1999) Poland (1999)
Iceland Turkey

5 Observers *
(Rome 1992)

(also members of the EU)

Austria (1995) Ireland
Denmark· Sweden (1995)
Finland (1995)  

7 Associate Partners *
(Kirchberg 1994)

(all signatories of a Europe Agreement with the EU)

Bulgaria Romania
Estonia Slovakia
Latvia Slovenia (1996)

·Denmark is also a member of NATO.

*Following a decision taken on 14 June 2001, the Secretary-General stated during the 1352nd meeting of the Council of Western European Union on 28 June 2001 that, with regard to the period from 1 January 2002, the Member States deemed it unnecessary, in present and foreseeable circumstances, to make any formal change to the statuses of non-full members.