The WEU Secretariat possesses a collection of black and white and colour photographs which have now all been identified and classified. This photographic archive comprises prints and slides covering the period from 1945 until the present day and records a number of significant events in the history of WEU and of Europe.

The main files are as follows :

  1. General European Events
  2. 20th Century Conflicts
  3. Post-World War II Events
  4. Signature of Treaties / Agreements
  5. VIPs
  6. WEU Ministerial Sessions
  7. WEU Operations / Exercises
  8. Visits to WEU Headquarters
  9. EU Summits
  10. WEU / NATO Joint Councils
  11. WEU Miscellaneaous


A database of the photographs has been prepared and the photographic archive is now available for consultation and/or reproduction.

Consultation and duplication of photographs

Applications to consult the archive or to receive duplicate prints or slides should be addresseed to the WEU Secretariat (Archive Section) stating the purpose for which they will be used and the quantities and formats required. The WEU Secretariat will be responsible for duplication.


The photographs may be published provided that the copyright holder's permission has been obtained in writing. The copyright holder's and photographer's names (if known) should be indicated in the publication.


The decision to charge or not will be taken on a case-by-case basis by the WEU Secretariat.