Western European Armaments Group
Armaments Secretariat

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005

The function of the Armaments Secretariat is to assist the Chair of the Western European Armaments Group in implementing approved armaments policy and measures for improving cooperation.

In particular, the Secretariat is responsible, within the field of armaments, for:

  • prepare, support and follow-up of high-level meetings (Ministers and National Armaments Directors);
  • support the work of WEAG Panels and other bodies;
  • coordinate and custodian of Panel I databases;
  • collect and analyse defence contracts data, to provide a basis for monitoring the implementation of approved policies on armaments trade;
  • prepare activity reports for the WEU Council and Assembly;
  • coordinate with the WEU Secretariat-General;
  • support the WEU Council in the handling of specific armaments-related questions;

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