Western European Armaments Group

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005


The Ministers of Defence of the Western European Armaments Group have decided that each WEAG member will publish details of its military requirements and contracts awarded in a Bulletin which should normally be published at least monthly and which is to be issued nationally. These Bulletins list, in principle, the major requirements and contracts awarded by the WEAG Ministries of Defence, valued at one million EUROs or more, for the procurement, i.e. research and development, supply and maintenance, of all military stores and equipment, except for:

Bulletin Contents and Format In each Bulletin the following information is normally given:

Section I lists all possible future purchases as soon as sufficient information is available for a worthwhile notification to be made and where it is too early to issue formal tender or contract documents.

Section II lists all potential suppliers to whom invitations to tender have been issued. This section also provides the opportunity for suppliers who are not listed to express their interest in receiving an invitation to tender.

Section III lists all eligible contracts placed on a single source basis, in order to enable potential subcontractors to express an interest direct to the main contractor and thus to facilitate competition at subcontract level.

Section IV lists contracts awarded following earlier announcements of tenders in Section II

Section V shows companies added to requirements previously published in section II. This section also provides an opportunity to publish any other amplification of, or correction to, earlier announcements.

Section VI shows information made available by companies seeking to fulfil competitive requirements at the subcontract level. The national contracting authority will play no active role in the preparation of the announcements in this section.