Western European Armaments Group
Cooperative Equipment Programmes

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005

The objective of Panel I is to promote cost-effective cooperative equipment programmes which fulfill WEAG nations' military requirements while improving European defence industrial capability and competitiveness. Panel I compares WEAG nations' armaments replacement schedules, which are collated and presented in an annual document.

Where cooperation is considered possible, subgroups involving the collaborating nations are established in order to harmonise requirements through the development of Feasibility Studies and European Staff Requirements, leading to development and production between the collaborating nations.

To conduct the development and production phases, a project group is established. Panel I monitors and encourages the progress of these subordinated groups, and reports to NADs with recommendations for action. Efforts are being made to concentrate Panel I work more towards capabilities-oriented operational requirements.

Panel I is encouraged by WEAG NADs to identify priorities, taking into account the developments in the European Defence and Security Policy, the Helsinki Headline Goal (European Capability Action Plan-process) and the NATO Defence Capabilities Initiative. The developments in other European armaments organizations and initiatives (or its follow-on) are observed as well to avoid duplication of effort.

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