Western European Armaments Group
Research & Technology Cooperation

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005

Strengthening the European position in Defence Research and Technology is the mission of Panel II. The EUCLID Program, involving industry and research institutes, has until very recently been the main instrument for pursuing this mission.

Some 120 specific Research and Technology Projects which are part of the 13 Common European Priority Areas (CEPAs) are now active or have been initiated, and 64 have already been completed.

Current financing is roughly 100 million EUROs per year, an amount that should be increased in the near future.

Spontaneous proposals from industrial consortia are taken into consideration through a mechanism called EUROFINDER, made operational through annual EUROFINDER conferences between government and industry, held in November each year.

Cooperation between government research establishments through Joint Programmes has been facilitated through a memorandum of understanding (THALES), signed on 18 November 1996.

The setting up in 1995 of a WEAO Research Cell (WRC) within the WEU structure has extended and improved Panel II Research activities. The legal status of this Cell allows it to place contracts on behalf of participating nations.

Finally, a step further has been the signature of a new umbrella MOU entitled "European Understandings for Research Organisation, Programmes and Activities" (EUROPA), on 15 May 2001. The new MOU is based on the two principles of Transparency and Flexibility, and is designed to cover a wide variety of different R&T projects and programmes.

For more detailed information, please visit the WRC web site at www.weao.weu.int

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