Western European Armaments Group
Staff Group

WEAG closes on 23 May 2005

The Staff Group consists of the Permanent Representatives in Brussels of the National Armaments Directors (NADs). It is the permanent structure ensuring the continuity of action between meetings of the NADs.


Under the authority of the National Armaments Directors, the Staff Group has general responsibility for all questions associated with armaments cooperation activities conducted within WEAG. Its principal task is to prepare for meetings of NADs and Defence Ministers. It prepares the WEAG annual budget, which is funded by contributions from Member States. The Staff Group is also responsible for informing the WEU Permanent Council on WEAG activities. The Staff Group maintains working relations with other WEAG bodies and, where necessary, with other WEU groups and other organizations, with the particular aim of promoting overall consistency in addressing armaments questions within Europe.


The chair of the group is held by the country holding the chair of WEAG (which rotates every two years). Decisions are taken by consensus. The group meets regularly as required, when convened by the chair or at the request of one of its members. It is supported by the Armaments Secretariat.


In addition to preparing and following up on the decisions taken at meetings of the WEAG National Armaments Directors and Defence Ministers, and informing the WEU Permanent Council, the Staff Group conducts studies that complement the work of the specialist WEAG bodies. In some cases this work necessitates calling upon experts from outside WEAG (industrialists, academics, etc.).

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